Synthesis Research

Synthesis Research creates data, analysis and prognosis for economic and social problems. Using privacy-friendly micro-statistical monitoring procedures, behavioural patterns of companies, households and particular groups of persons are gathered.

The quantitative empiric evidence about such behavioural patterns provides decision-making tools, especially for institutions, that work on behalf of the state sector; this concerning the planning and implementation as well as the evaluation of the effectiveness of funding programs and supporting measures.
Synthesis Research is designing methodological and thematic developmental work inside of a timeframe of research periods stretching over many years. At the moment the fifth research period is running since the foundation for Synthesis Research in 1991.

The developmental activities are financed through contractual research. It was possible for the research team to generate more than 30 million Euros in budget to finance the Synthesis activities, through the participation in tenders and direct awards. That made the implementation of more than 300 studies possible.

Synthesis Research, founded by Univ.-Prof Dr Michael Wagner-Pinter, takes part in a comprehensive European network, concerning applied research and development in the area of social and economic sciences.