IMEHPS.research - Forschungsinstitut für Sozialpsychiatrie GmbH

IMEPHS is a research company that develops and applies scientific methods, in order to improve systems of medical care. Hereby the focus lies on mental health care in general and on the comorbidity of physical and mental disorders in particular.

The main emphasis of IMEPHS lies on the investigation of possibilities and limitations while looking at real data in big databases that are linked and analysed together and on the development of proposals for responsible persons in the medical care and for politicians, in order to improve these systems in general and that of mental health care in particular. The aim here is to link the highest scientific standards, including the users and the maintenance stuff as well as aspects of effectivity of costs and mechanisms of payment.

The CEO Heinz Katschnig and the employees of IMEPHS research have long-standing and far-reaching experience in developing studies of planning, organizing, financing and evaluating mental health care and connected topics of mental health.