Project 1 – Data Base Development, Management & Privacy

Short Description

Key problem of Project 1 ‚Data Base Development, Management & Privacy‘ is described by the question, how and in which format health-care data, posing the base for all other research and applied problems of dexhelpp, can be made accessible to all research partners in a secure way. Hereby the focus is laid on the development of a common research-server, accessible by all partners and posing for a common secure data source and computing environment.

Objectives and Methods

The project can be subdivided into the following sub-problems:

  • Development of a common research-server.
    Although most data used for research in dexhelpp is very sensitive it nevertheless needs to be available for the partners. Hence it is necessary to establish a common data source and a common work-protocol how to deal with confidential data. Thus we decided to install a common research platform in form of a computing server containing all necessary data. Main goal of the server is that data can be made available to partners for working on the server. Hence data accessed on the system must and cannot be downloaded for local use.

  • Establish new data structures.
    Due to different data formats, measurement methods and data sources health care data is very heterogeneous and moreover underlies different security regulations. Hence the integration of data to the server is very challenging. Also so called record-linkage, i.e. identifying and joining similar data from different sources, is focussed here.

  • Establish the necessary level of security.
    Besides different security concepts for the login of the dexhelpp partners to the server especially data security poses a big challenge for the installation of the research server. Hereby state-of-the-art fingerprinting concepts will be used documenting every – legal or illegal – use of data briefly noting their identity.

  • Data-evalutaion and query
    Caused by the joined health records a huge amount of data needs to be managed on the server. Hence a big part of Project 1 deals with the question, how these gigantic data structures can be made accessible to partners in small portions.

Expected Results

Besides scientific publications about the applied and developed security concepts and record-linkage methods surely the functional research server itself poses for the main output of the project.